Best NETFLIX Series and Shows(2021) to Watch

Best NETFLIX Series and Shows(2021) to Watch

Who killed Sara ?

The web show which became a popular Netflix series in the year is coming up with its 3rd season. The announced date for streaming the show is March 24, 2021

The story of Alex who was sentenced to jail for 12 years based on the doubt of murdering her sister Sara. after his release from jail, he is off for a mission to find the family who made him the murder and suspects the original culprit behind his sister’s death.

The Kominsky Method

This web show makes us feel that it might end up with its upcoming season 3 which might go on streaming service by May 28,2021. Same day lucifer season 5 will also streamline so it will be a good spring day for Netflix viewers. The finale season comprises six episodes, this season was delayed due to a pandemic. 

The Umbrella Academy

The web series is going to launch its 3rd season on streaming by the fall of 2021. Being a holder of huge success this web series will be an astounding piece of work for the fans of this series. Due to the pandemic production was stopped but now is in continuation.

On My Block

The bad news for the fans of this series named ‘on my block’ is that this is the most affected series due to the pandemic. The makers of this web show gave back to back 3 seasons during March 2018, 2019, 2020. But some good facts are we could expect the season 4 release in October 2021.  

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