Habits that can be a disastrous danger to your health!

Habits that can be a disastrous danger to your health!

Have you ever noticed what all changes our environmental surroundings are going through? The environment we are living in has changed a lot and a gradient change has occurred after the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic. In such circumstances, we often neglect most of the ill habits we have opted for.
There is no doubt that smoking is a proven deadly habit. Cigarette consumption has worsened the conditions of smokers as well as the people living near to them. Smoking results in 480,000 deaths per year in the USA. There are around 1,300 cases of claimed deaths due to the consumption of cigarettes. Smoking is an addictive habit that starts at a young age and takes a smoker to death bed.

No one wants to fall for negative habits but due to the fast-paced world such activities become a part of life without any concern to past, Here are some habits mentioned which could be as harmful as smoking if opted as a habit :-

Inactive lifestyle

In research done in the USA, it was found that a person who is sitting for 2 hours or more in front of a screen has an increased chance of colon cancer by 8%. Rest everybody knows how long sitting stretches are seen in this contemporary world. Also sitting for long periods could result in lung cancer by 6%. Including more physical activities in daily routine is necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Negative attitude

It is our attitude only that maintains or ruins your life. But now we have seen a lot of people who are happy on social media but pessimistic in real life. Pessimism usually occurs when things are not according to plans. Causes depression, stress, and anxiety.

Poor diet

As per research, healthy eating is compulsory to lead a positive lifestyle. Many of us consume processed, packed, and junk foods on a daily basis which results negatively in health like acidity, obesity, and digestive infections.

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