Bollywood: Largest Indian Film Industry In The World

Bollywood: Largest Indian Film Industry In The World

Indian cinema is known as Bollywood, it is also called Hindi cinema. But it is not only Hindi cinema, it comprises film industries of all regional languages of India, a large part is constituted by Hindi, Tamil and Telegu languages. Around 40% of Bollywood films are only in the Hindi language and approx. 30% are from Tamil and Telegu languages and rest is by other Indian language industry. Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world and it also produced most of the movies in the world. Around 2000 movies were produced in Bollywood in the year 2017.

The biggest superstar in the world Shahrukh khan also is from Bollywood. Bollywood is the hybrid word of Bombay and Hollywood. Bombay is now called Mumbai, where most of the Hindi film production happens. Indian cinema has been the largest producer of music also because its most popular genre is masala films. Masala films are those in which drama, melodrama, comedy, romance and musical numbers are included. In India, the first film which included music was Alam Ara which was produced in the year 1931.

The Indian film industry and its evolution

Bollywood also produces realistic films which show the reality of the world whether it is in romance or drama or action. Origin of the Indian film industry from the theatres in which people used to participate in different plays which were inspired by stories and poems of writers. Kisan Kanya was the first colour film of Indian cinema, made by Irani in 1937.

The Indian film industry has faced many challenges in the middle of the 20th century as in India lot of independence movements were going on and then the partition of India happened. Then the rapid rise happens in Indian cinema after 1950 when India accomplished independence and colour frequent colour films started being produced. 1940 -1960 is even called the golden period of Indian cinema. 

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