Love wearing jeans? Here’s a complete guide to exploring your type!

Love wearing jeans? Here’s a complete guide to exploring your type!

Jeans are favorite to every girl but have you ever wondered what would be your body type jeans. Most of us are not that concerned with what we wear but according to the fashion stoppers, there are varieties of jeans that can be suited on our body and can make us look more prettier and defined. Some of you might have a complex issue of height, body shape, and looks. Here’s a complete giveaway guide that can help you in selecting the best body type jeans according to the dynamic of your body and to make you look adorable and way more stylish than ever before.

Some of the most loved and worn jeans types are as follows :-

High-waist jeans

This type of jeans does not require a further introduction, these jeans sit slightly above the belly button. This go-to jeans type has done a lot of good to the clumsy girls who are merry at heart and are least bothered about their looks. As the high-waist jeans did a lot to help them. One more plus point is that such jeans can make you look thin at the bottom.

Boyfriend jeans

If you ever borrowed some boyish clothes? These jeans are most comfortable to wear. Good to go jeans or boyfriend jeans will make you fall in love. Coming with a relaxed and slouchy fit that adds little bulk to the lower body and can severely help thin girls look a little mediocre in health.

Bootcut jeans

The bootcut is loved by celebs, this jeans type adds class to your appearance. Sarcastically, such jeans can make you look like rags to riches. Goes with every kind of top and t-shirt.

Mid-rise jeans

Sets between navel and hips, one of the most figure-friendly jeans you could buy. Goes with every body type, gives a rich defined look with flared long legs. Certainly elongates the leg line if you are not that tall.

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