Raya and the last dragon: movie review

Raya and the last dragon: movie review

The American 202, an upcoming movie, concludes genres: fantasy, action, and adventure. This computer animation-based film is the 59th piece of artwork produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This movie is directed by Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada. 

The movie is produced, screenplayed and storylined by the behind the cameras team or the crew team members.The movie is based on Southeast Asian traditions and cultural life and there belonged a warrior princess and her alongside a reputed or imaginary last dragon. Both of them are companions and off for a mission to save the precious dragon gem. The gem could reunite the differentiated tribe once again. 

Voice Casting 

  • Kelly Marie Tran has voiced the character of Raya the warrior princess. Who wants to become a guardian to the dragon gem and restore peace to her region named Kumandra.
  • Awkwafina has given voice to the character of the last dragon named Sisu, who is also a brave heart, kind and wise but has an insecure reputation.
  • Izaac Wang is a charismatic 10-year old entrepreneur named Boun, who is also the owner of shrimporium. 
  • Gemma Chan is also a warrior princess of Fang known as Namaari; she has the character in a negative role by being a rival to the heroic Raya.
  • Daniel Dae Kim has played the role of Raya’s father and the king of hearts named chief Benja.
  • Sandra Oh is here giving voice to the character of namaari’s mother and is known as Virana she is a chieftess of Fang.

Budget and release date

The estimated amount spent in the making of this film is $100 million and the amount of money collected at the box office is $120.8 million. The movie has a running time of 1 hour 15 minutes. The movie was released on March 5, 2021.

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