RECIPE – What Actually This 6 letter Word Mean?

RECIPE – What Actually This 6 letter Word Mean?

When the word recipe is spoken, we often think of food, kitchen and cooks. But NO, the word recipe is not only denoted to the food recipes. It means the set of instructions that helps you in achieving the goal. The goal can be any food dish in the kitchen, a formula in the science laboratory or it can be anything whatever you are thinking to attain. It is to be said that one of the very first recipes was made in 1600 BC. But at that time, it was made only to remember the things previously made and to enjoy and experience that again and again.

Recipes in science are known as formulas and there is a recipe everywhere to learn and remember, how thing are to be done and what should be used to make the particular thing or solution (in science) or food. 

But as the generation passed, the uses and meaning of recipe have also evolved itself, it eventually became an important part of the world of cooking. The recipe is a business to a lot of cooks and it’s also their way to let the world know what they have. Recipe have components like Name, Quantity, Ingredients, Time Taken, Nutritional value, photographs, procedure, etc. there is also one thing which is involved in a recipe that is love and experience of the transferor of the recipe, it doesn’t have any column like that but don’t you think it should be there. Because in the times of patent and copyrights someone is willing to share his very own and very personal unique idea with us.

Recipe books are often very underrated but I think these books are as important as other books, they do the same work as other books do for us, for example, they do teach us, they do tell us about the author’s personality and mentality and most importantly they give us exposure and experience.

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