State of Being Free From illness and Disease Covid-19

State of Being Free From illness and Disease Covid-19

Have you ever Google searched the word “HEALTH”?

It’s showing that the state of being free from illness and injury. I think that it’s not enough, health is way more than these words called illness and injury. Health comprises an individual’s state of mind, thought process and, of course, your physical well-being.

I have seen constant change in the meaning of health in my life, for some time phrase it was just about being happy, and then the time came when people start considering physical health also, our favorite superstars promoting fitness and wellness brands and also the time came where youth started talking about mental health and their struggle with that.

But then COVID-19 along, with his cousin called PANDEMIC and QUARANTINE, came into our lives. You won’t believe even writing about this is making me feel conscious and worried. Few influencers and some from family too (hope so) begin to ask about your mental well-being, and the rest were talking about the physical existence of the Corona Virus.

These two years 2020 and 2021 made me think about what if people never compartmentalized our health? what if they consider both physical and mental health with each other? What if our insurances also cover our mental health expenses along with our physical health’s?

I know there are a lot of if’s and but’s in my mind regarding this topic. All these questions came up to mind only because these problems have always been existing and we all ignored them.

My only motive to write this article is to make you aware of our needs, our wants and trust me those do not restrict themselves only to materialistic things, but they are also about our happiness, our satisfaction and our comfort. Prioritize being aware of your selves before getting aware of society. Prioritize yourself over anything or anyone. Understand that you need yourself the most and always will.  

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