The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad

The suicide sqaud is an upcoming American film that is based on the DC comics team suicide squad. The film is directed by James Gunn and produced by Charles Rovan and Peter Safran. Three production companies have been joining hands including the DC films, Atlas Entertainment, The Safran Company. Lastly the film is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.


Margot Robbie has played the role of dr. Harleen Quinzel, who in real life is shown as an insane criminal and an upcoming psychiatrist. She is here wearing a new costume with a red and black palette that gives a traditional look of Harley.
Idris Elba has played the role of Robert DuBois, who is an avaricious person who has a technological suit and advanced weapons. Also known a s bloodsport, only he could use the weapons that were oriented from his costume.
John Cena has played the role of Christopher Smith, he is a stony-hearted person who is a jingoistic killer that wants to attain peace at any cost. He is showcased as a character from Wonder woman oriented by the 1970s.
Sylvester Stallon has given to the character of king shark, he is a human and fish hybrid. He looks less like a mammal and more like a human with small eyes and big mouth; representing a ‘cute anthropomorphic beast’.
There are other actors who had played side roles in the film, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and Peter Capaldi as Gaius Grieves.


The convicts behind the bar of Belle Reve penal institution are sent to be the members of Task Force X. They are sent to South America to destroy Jotunheim. A nazi-era prison which conducted experiments and held the political prisoners.

Release date

Movie with a running time of 132 minutes is set to release in the United Kingdom by July 30, 2021 and in the United States by August 5,2021.

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